Although Dave Kendall began his career as a journalist, the success of the shows he created or produced - and his television exposure - often led him to be on the other side of the journalist's microphone or TV camera. 

He has given numerous interviews, particularly about "120 Minutes" and "Music Scoupe", to a variety of television, radio and print media. 

Kendall's TV interviews included spots on the BBC, CNN and "48 Hours", while he was a featured guest on the nationally syndicated radio show "Modern Rock Live"and gave scores of phone interviews on radio stations across the country. 

He has given hundreds of interviews for magazines and newspapers, including The New York Times, the New York Daily News, New York Newsday, The Los Angeles Times and Spin. He was the subject of full-length feature articles in Creem, Alternative Press and In Fashion magazines. 

In addition, Kendall also received national radio airplay when a San Diego college student sampled his voice from an episode of "120 Minutes" and edited it into a hilarious spoken word collage over AC/DC's "Back In Black." "Everybody knows,"Kendall heard himself affirm in a kindof inverse mantra, "I am really stupid."
 "It's possible that people who listen to alternative music might have morepersonal problems ...but it's abasic confusion of causeand effect"...more - -Dave Kendall on "48 Hours" 

 "MTV's weekly '120 Minutes' is the best way to keep up with the fertile world of adventurous rock"...more - Robert Hilburn, Los Angeles Times 

 "Dave Kendall, the ex-patriot Britwho's the brain behind the show, does notboast when he describes himself as "the only person who ever expresses an opinion on MTV...more - Frank Owen, New Musical Express 

 "Everything that squeaks out of Kendall's cynical, fast mouthmust be taken with a rock of salt"...more - In Fashion 

 "You probably know him as thean affable Englishman with a self -confessedly"weird" ..more -JoAnne Greene, AlternativePress 

 "Kendall's written for Melody Maker, and there's no better training ground in trend-mongering than the English music press"...more -David Herndon, New York Newsday